Projects range from:

– Transverse launching of ships.
– Composite, steel and aluminium constructions.
– Coupled barges in waves.
– Cracks in grabs.
– Anti-roll tanks, workability.
– Noise and vibration prognoses, resonance.
– Speed predictions, power consumption.                            
– Weight calculations, stability.
– Project price estimates.
– Shaft whirling calculations.
– Manoeuvring and station keeping capabilities of ships.   
– Strength of fender constructions.
– Transport capacity studies.
– Innovative propulsion types, whale tale, trusters.
– Special effects like tunnels, trim wedges and interceptors, air lubrication.
– Effective pull of tugs.
– Design of propellers.
– Design of ships.
– Management assistance.
– Emergency sustainable floating houses

For Yachts, SAR, Tankers, Container Vessel, Inland Vessels, Dredgers, Tugs, etc. 
Displacement and planning ships

New project Off-grid sailing house-vessel