In situ research and measurements will restrict problems and direct solutions. Dedicated instruments such as a 2 cannel FFT analyser for noise and vibrations are available. 

Problems are controlled by the translation of the physics into relevant formulas. Appropriate level of accuracy is used ranging from rules of thumb, dedicated spreadsheets, and expert computer programs such as Finite Element Models  (FEMAP) for strength and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFdesign and SPL Comflo) for fluid calculations.

Dedicated courses are provided for the various specialisations to ensure that solutions stick.

    Since April 2002 you can use the expert knowledge of SasTech.

Frans Sas

Ijsvogel 81
6988 CM Lathum
Tel +31 (0) 313-414 294


 – The advantages of using inland waterways for transportation,            SEATEC V, Indonesia, March 26-29, 1985.
– Simulation of the effective pull forces produced by tugs. Escort          tugs, defining the
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–  Manoeuvring, problems and practical solutions, Delft 1994  
–  Vieuws on Tug Effectiveness Tug & World Conference, Rotterdam, 
   April 25-29, 1994.
–  Various reports for Coordition Dutch Maritime Research CMO              1992-1994
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–  Various reports for customers (2001-2007)
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–   Conversion Fast Ferry, Schip en Werf 2006

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